1 – Introducing the heritage of Venelles



You will see some remarkable sites and monuments, like Notre-Dame de la Rose church, the Maurice Plantier school, The Logis square and the Gailles well.

Along the way, the visit features plaques introducing the natural and cultural heritage of Venelles.

Flash on the heritage!

Scan the QR-Codes on the plaques. You can access detailed content: a visit map, photo library, personal stories, archives for extra information and a translation of texts in English, Italian or Spanish.

1 : Introducing the heritage of Venelles
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2 : Three hamlets and a village

3 : A cinema star in Venelles-le-Haut

4 : The windmill

5 : The first school

6 : Water, source of life

7 : The first town hall

8 : At the heart of the old village

9 : The parish house and the water tower

10 : The old cemetery

11 : Two remarkable graves

12 : Venelles, between Sainte-Victoire and Luberon

13 : The hamlet of the Logis

14 : Venelles and water

15 : The Logis square

16 : Saint-Hippolyte church

17 : The Gailles well and washing place